Misr Vision Name was originated when we entered into Agency Agreement with BARCO VISION ( well known Dutch Company in the field of optical & screening Tech.) back in 1998; at that time All BARCO associated Agents were given the Name of their prospective Countries like MISR VISION for Egypt, IRAN VISION for Iran, etc…

Part of BARCO VISION was unique Technology using their multi-Vision Applications for Food Sorting Techniques as part of their wide spectrum activities.

  • Later on another Belgian Company developed Laser Sorting Technology acquired The Food sector Sorting Department of BARCO VISION; to cater to the wider needs of Clients who needs both Camera and Laser Sorting under one Roof .This New Company in last Decade of last Century ; named B.E.S.T ( BELGIAN ELECTRON SORTING TECHNOLOGY ) took the charges and responsibilities and MISR VISION due to its deep knowledge - eventually got integrated as Agents of BEST in Egypt.

Again mid 2013 another GIANT Norwegian Company named TOMRA specialized in Recycling Technology with special machines to sort Industrial waste and Metal Sorting; decided to expand their activities in Food Sorting specially after having acquired another famous IRISH Company which is market Leader in PEELING Technology Named ODENBERG; as well as BEST Sorting.

    Thus TOMRA has become the Market Leader and Biggest in FOOD SORTING & PEELING technologies ; with many solutions to ensure Food safety and make maximum use of Resources converting it Real source of bigger INCOME AND ENHANCE PROFITABILITY ; and keeping environment clean .

Misr Vision

With The Founder of MISR VISION Mr. M. Heiza vast and extended experience over 5 decades when he had served as Egyptian Trade Representative Overseas starting 1970 till Now ; having wide and vast contacts with lots of International well known Companies as well as Local Egyptian Manufacturing Companies especially in Food and beverages Sectors ; all that gives substantial support to MISR VISION.